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  Cushioning Property
Due to its' microcellular structure, Paramount is highly resilient having high vibration dampening and shock absorption properties to meet all packaging needs.
  Being highly flexible, it can be used in wrap around applications with ease.
Roof top, engine, bonnet and drivers cabin insulation, door panel and seat lining, floor mats, carpet underlay, upholstery, sunvisors and car A.C. insulation etc.
Light Weight
Extremely light in weight thus saves cost of handling, transportation and postage.
Easy To Fabricate
Without expensive and complex moulds, Paramount can be easily fabricated in complex shapes and structures.
Non Abrasive Surface
Paramount has zero abrasion surface and it's very soft and smooth surface gives complete protection against scratches and abrasive marks.
  Thermal Insulation, Service Temperature and Moisture Absorption
  Due to its extremely low thermal conductivity value, almost zero moisture absorption and varied working temperature ranging from -35 deg C to +70 deg C, Paramount proved to be an excellent insulating and water proofing material in comparison to the conventional alternatives available in the market.
  Chemical resistance and Biological Activity
  Paramount is chemically inert to most of the corrosive chemicals like strong acids, alkalies and non-polar solvents. Similarly product is biologically inert and does not promote the growth of algae, bacteria and fungi and therefore can be used for packaging of food stuffs.
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