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Paramount, the non cross linked, extruded, expanded cellular polyethylene foam having excellent characteristics of shock absorption, high flexibility and resiliency, non abrasive surface, low thermal conductivity, almost zero moisture absorption with biochemically inert behaviour suits best for the following purpose.
  TV computers/monitors, refrigerators, washing machines, electronic equipments, glassware, ceramics, polyester yarn/film, handicrafts, printers, UPS, currency teller machines, diagnostic kits, and surgical equipment's and other fragile and delicate products.
In electronic equipments as corner pads, buffers, encapsulation blocks, ribs, and support pads, adhesive backed sheets etc.
  Paramount EPE rolls and insu-tubes are being used widely for insulation of window, split A.C., air handling units and A.C. ducting, industrial chillers, cold storage's and refrigerated vans/containers and industrial refrigerators, cold water pipe and high altitude drinking water-pipe insulation.
Roof top, engine, bonnet and drivers cabin insulation, door panel and seat lining, floor mats, carpet underlay, upholstery, sunvisors and car A.C. insulation etc.
  Paramount RWP a closed cell extruded product, reinforced with a special water-impermeable polymeric interlay with almost negligible water vapour absorption, diffusion and transmission rates is being used successfully in construction industry, which offers dual benefit of water proofing cum roof thermal insulation on RCC roofs, making it cost effective. Paramount Back-up rods find application in expansion joints, anti-vibration in roofs, walls, tunnels, bridges, highways etc. As a gasketing material in pre-fabricated houses, window frames and glass reinforcement etc. As a sealant for water reservoirs, pools and channels.
  Wrestling, judo, gymnastics, taekwondo, and jogging exercise mats. Leg and thigh guards, arm elbow/shoulder pads. Helmet, sleeping bags lining, ski belts, life saving jackets, glove and costume insulation.
  Carpet underlay, shoes, foam floaters for effluent treatment plants and distilleries, luggage and leather bag lining, caps, rakhees and jewelry boxes, leather jackets, floppy disk mailers, picnic and garden mats, mattresses and many more.
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